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Rainy Day Indoor 3-Piece Kit

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MSRP: $190.95
Price: $149.95
You Save: $41.00 (21 %)
 Indoor 3-Piece Kit
 Indoor 3-Piece Kithome swingindoor playground setRainy Day 3pc Indoor PlaygroundIndoor Strap Swingindoor trapeze barRainy Day Indoor PlaygroundIndoor home swing
Item Number: CK-60603
Manufacturer: Playaway Toy Company, Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: CK-60603

Create the perfect indoor playground for your child with this Rainy Day® Indoor 3-Piece Combination Kit. With this indoor playground equipment, your little one will be occupied with hours of fun. The unique additions to this kit offer your child fun and a great way to get indoor exercise. This kit includes an indoor swing for kids, indoor trapeze bar, along with the Support Bar which is needed to secure the attachments into place. Your child will build their muscles while they are busy playing in the comfort of your home.


This 3 Piece Kit includes:



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Product Reviews

(41 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
This has been my daughters favorite swing since she was 3!
Jaime Langdon (Trappe, MD) 3/9/2017 7:26 AM
We love this swing! I got this over 10 years ago at conference for " The Out of Sync Child". Our daughter has severe autism and major sensory issues. She craves the swinging to help regulate her body. This swing system is perfect for her to get exercise and have her sensory issues met. We have had this swing well over 10 years and it has held up beautifully. She is what you call a "bull in a China shop", so she is so hard on stuff. She is probably on it 20 times a day! For the very first time since we had it one of the rings that holds the attachments broke and when I called Playaway they were more than happy to replace it! My daughter is probably about 120 pounds at 13 years old and this swing is still going strong. I would highly recommend this to moms with kids who have special needs. She loves the net swong and the trapeze bar that came with it as well. I can't say enough about this product, we love it!
Life changing product!
Angie Meyer (Michigan City, IN) 4/25/2016 9:51 AM
Wow, just purchased the Body Define for my 14 year old son.  He is big into his sports and wanted to do some strength training.  Sitting here and looking at the Support Bar in my doorway and I realized that I have never given this product a review.  We purchased the support bar, strap swing and the trapeze bar when my son was 5 years of age.  It has been hanging in my doorway for 9 years and not a day has gone by that he hasn't used it.  Thinking back to when he was in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades I remember using it for spelling words.  We would always review and do practice test for his weekly spelling words.  He hated this and would always miss spell a couple of the words given to him.  One evening he asked to swing and I told him no it was time to study.  After much begging I gave in and let him swing as I gave him his spelling words, and much to my surprise he verbally spelled every word correct.  Needlessly to say this turned into our new way of practicing his spelling words for the week.  What an awesome product.  Every family with children should have this product in their home.  Parents could then sit back and watch the transformation begin.
Awesome swing -easy to use
Jennifer B (sioux falls, SD) 8/18/2013 4:24 PM
As a mother of an Autistic child I always read reviews. I noticed there was not one for this product so I wanted to add a note for anyone else who has a special needs child. This swing is amazing! My son is so calm and has been swinging on it obsessively since we got it. So a little about the things I look for. Durability-the support bar and rings are made of quality grade metal it is not cheap and flimsy. The support bar is not put together like a tension rod but unscrews to fit in the doorway. There are grooves in the bar to hold it in place. I was curious so I put the saddles in the door (without the mounting screws) and tightened it up. I am 190 lbs and it held all my weight without slipping. So the non slip grip pads on the saddles work very well. Great customer service- I was a little concerned about putting the mounting screws required for "EXTRA" safety in my door frame (it takes 2 on each side) so I called the manufacturer. I was going to order the "Tiger Claws" recommended for portable use. They took the time to explain to me that the screws are fast track screws and would leave only a tiny hole in my door frame. Since I was only using it in my home I opted for using the screws. Ease Of use- The unit is very easy to put up. It also comes with very detailed instructions with the Do's and Don't of using the product. Read the directions! I realized my O rings were in the wrong place so I had to move them. My son is 6 and 4 ft tall 50 lbs and can use it unassisted. Price- I have looked at swings for 3000.00 that were tripod and would not allow the back and forth swinging this does. This is a good price and good quality all in one. I would highly recommend this unit or anything from this manufacturer. I hope this helps as there are many products out there to choose from but not allot that are the right price, durable and come with excellent customer service. I've been looking for a swing for 3 years and am thrilled with this one.

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