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Indoor Playground Equipment for At-Home Fun

Welcome to Playaway Toy Company!

We are manufacturers of indoor playground equipment and the patented
Rainy Day ® Indoor Playground line

A boy using one of our indoor play structures   Here at Playaway Toy Company, Inc., we are the manufacturers for the Rainy Day® Indoor Playground line for children. With our indoor playground equipment, your child can play for hours regardless of the season, whether it is day or night. It is suggested that children get at least 60 minutes of playtime every day, but depending on where you live, the play space may be limited for children, especially in high-rise apartments, condos, townhomes, or even houses. You can transform a doorway into a playground for your child, so they can enjoy being a kid wherever you live.
The Indoor Playground is the ideal product for your children because it has interchangeable parts. When this product is not being used, you can store it in a small place out of the way. At the center of this particular system is our Rainy Day® Indoor Support Bar that easily suspends to almost any doorway measuring 29”-36” by only using a few tools. You can even use this support bar for chin ups/pull ups to gain upper body strength.

Our Rainy Day ® Line has many attachments to choose from:

Strong Enough To Hold You

All of these indoor swing selections and attachments are perfect for strengthening muscle & building hand to eye coordination while your child is having many hours of fun.

Strong Enough To Hold You Strong Enough To Hold You Strong Enough To Hold You Strong Enough To Hold You
Strong Enough To Hold You Strong Enough To Hold You Strong Enough To Hold You Strong Enough To Hold You

Our team does not stop there because we also provide a number of indoor special needs swings and play selections that are specifically designed for children with limited abilities. Our special needs swing can be used in your home, at school, or in a clinical therapy center.

Contact our team with your questions about our indoor swing for kids by calling (715) 752-4840 right now.

For more information on these wonderful special needs products: 

Experience the Body Define ® system here:

We are proud to say all of our products are 100% American made from start to finish.

(715) 752-4840

Help your child achieve their potential. 

Before school enters their lives, prepare your children to be balanced, coordinated, and achieving focus points.

That is what we are about; Balance, hand eye coordination and focus points.  Starting at 6 months of age and up as your child grows.

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